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The May family have lived and traded in Belfast since the mid 1800s. From the end of the 19th century until after the First World War, James May provided fine damask linens, from his factory in central Belfast, to many of the stores and great houses in London and beyond.

In the period prior to the Second World War, the next generation, James C. May, used his artistic and craft skills to produce jewellery, medals and other fine objects of his own design and opened jewellery shops in Belfast and County Down. With a talented group of colleagues and craftsmen J.C.May developed a solid reputation for value, ethical trading, innovation and personal service.

As a consequence the name ‘J C May’ ‘May’s Jewellers’ became known far beyond Belfast and Ireland.

From the core jewellery business J.C.May developed a service in the design, production and supply of presentation medals for a wide range of activities, including sport, culture, education and corporate events.

Today the May family continue to maintain, the principles of personal ethical service and value for money in providing, to our customers, exquisitely crafted, products to our customers.